In national disposable income and living standard improved steadily, becoming increasingly prevalent in each category of small home appliance, consumption of the market mainstay gradually by a new generation of 80, 90 after the young of the middle class, under the environment of domestic appliances (in addition to color TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine volume is small appliances) market has usher in a new stage of consumption upgrading.

Throughout the development of small home appliance market in recent three years, it can be seen that no matter online consumption scale, the number of consumer groups, or customer unit price, are showing a rising trend.Online market distribution, Tmall and taobao are stable growth.Regionally, guangdong province ranks first in terms of the number of merchants and the proportion of market size, while zhejiang province ranks second.In terms of market scale, jiangsu province ranks third with considerable development potential.The four key provinces of guangdong, zhejiang, jiangsu and shandong are developing rapidly and showing a leap forward growth rate.

Based on this development status, zheng lishun respectively on the kitchen and bathroom small household appliances, household appliances and personal care small household appliances three types of market launched a detailed analysis:

Kitchen appliances

Move toward "western-style kitchen" increasingly, intelligence becomes consumption upgrade point

Just as the kitchen is no longer the little world of housewife, hutch defends consumer of small home appliance to form increasingly pluralistic also.According to CBNData "report" show, look from pattern of hutch defends small home appliance market, homebred brand holds 60%, American and German brand small home appliance occupy the market share of 10% left and right sides respectively.From the characteristics of consumers of kitchen and bathroom small household appliances, the main population is mainly concentrated in first-tier cities, new first-tier cities, and consumers with stable work and life, and the number of students increases year by year, 2017 has been close to 10%.

This is partly due to the intelligent upgrade of kitchen and bathroom small household appliances. Since the launch of the category of kitchen intelligent household appliances in 2016, the number of smart household appliances has increased by 5 times in 2017, which shows the recognition degree of consumers, especially catering to the needs of newly-married couples.In addition, intelligent kitchen and bathroom appliances are also loved by those who are controlled by science and technology as well as those who live a quality life. Among them, water purifier, rice cooker and electric kettle belong to the three best-selling categories in 2017.Juice makers, coffee makers and mixers have seen their prices rise year after year.See kitchen from this "western-style" with each passing day.

Household appliance

Indoor air quality attracts attention, "formaldehyde removal" function demand is significant

When the kitchen is increasingly intelligent "invasion", the sitting room is also by its benefits.According to CBNData "report" show, look from the online market pattern of household appliance, domestic goods brand is close to 80%, other brands are headed by Japanese brand;From the perspective of consumer groups of this category, new first-line and second-line products are given priority to, among which food and cooking talents account for the majority and become the leader of smart home appliances.

It is worth mentioning that, according to the occupation proportion distribution, the company staff has a 5% speed reduction, and seize this market space is the 90 after, 95 after the young people, they in the overall population has reached 25%, higher than this group in the kitchen and bathroom small appliances in 10% of the proportion.In terms of sales ranking of small household appliances, although more functional robots have entered the market since 2015 and brought about an increase in unit price, the TOP5 categories have been air purifiers, sweeper robots, vacuum cleaners, electric fans and heaters for three consecutive years.

However, when it comes to the functional pursuit of air purifiers, young people are increasingly focusing on "deformaldehyde", "mute" and "ultra-thin".Here, zheng lishun pointed out an interesting phenomenon: according to the trend of purchase number in recent years, the purchase number of products using high-end HEPA technology in this field did not increase but decreased from 2015 to 2017.By contrast, the number of consumers with the single function of "formaldehyde removal" increased significantly.On the one hand, it shows the urgent demand of consumers for specific functions; on the other hand, it also reveals that the high-tech cognition in this field is low, and further market education is needed.

Small household appliances

Single noble is advocate buy force

"Nano-water ions" have become the vane of black technology