.It was around 2010, just eight years after the rise and fall of computers.Smartphones dominate the world.Nowadays, the importance and convenience of mobile phones are beyond your imagination.Mobile phones are also saturated now, and sales in 2018 are down compared with 2017.The data that concerned branch statistic comes out.What's hot right now?All you can hear is artificial intelligence (AI), and VR (virtual reality).Artificial intelligence is pursued by all walks of life, applied to many fields.Medical industry, service industry, production industry, etc.It can be said that artificial intelligence has come into our life.Has been integrated into production.They can do a lot of things, a lot of regular repetitive manual work better than people, with very high accuracy.It has surpassed the human race in its place.And low cost, easy to manage.

So many experts in the field of artificial intelligence have said that many people will lose their jobs in the future.So what kind of person is that?Category 1: repetitive, unskilled operators.The second category: doctors will also be replaced by professionals, who only analyze the condition and make judgments and then propose solutions.This artificial intelligence will do better than doctors.On the contrary, nurses are not easy to be replaced. The complexity and uncertainty of nurses' work cannot be easily completed by artificial intelligence.The third category is the service industry, especially the service personnel, such as the waiter, cashier, bank service personnel, toll booth staff will be easily replaced by the crowd.So, one day your job is taken over by artificial intelligence, and you're still there not knowing what to do, or trying to find a way for yourself.Please think about it in advance, or wait to be laid off without a job.Or change the complexity of the job to make yourself irreplaceable.Or plan your career change ahead of time.Only with this article to remind you, and we encourage!!You can also leave your thoughts in the comments section!