With the rapid development of Internet of things technology, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, intelligent appliances have become an inevitable trend.For small household appliance enterprises, intelligence is a systematic revolution from technology research and development, product upgrade to user service and channel layout.The innovation of intelligent technology has also improved the performance and quality of small household appliance products and created new market demand.

Of course, because the intelligence level of home appliances at this stage is generally not high and different manufacturers of home appliances are difficult to interconnect and other problems still exist, the future of home interconnection is full of uncertainty.At the meeting, boxihua electric appliances (jiangsu) co., ltd. software engineer zheng haoran made a keynote speech on the current status and future trend of smart home connectivity, he pointed out that many home appliance enterprises are now grasping the layout of smart home products.And the further development of Internet of things technology makes the interconnection and interworking of home appliances more simple.At present, people are integrating voice recognition, image recognition and other technologies into the new home scene.Therefore, enterprises need to apply artificial intelligence and other technologies to intelligently analyze user scenarios and further provide users with convenience.

To the problem of intelligent development direction of home appliance, panasonic, a hundred years home appliance enterprise, has made an all-round exploration.At the meeting, bao jianke, head of panasonic household appliance research and development (hangzhou), Shared the theme speech of "development of healthy menu service based on intelligent household appliances".It is understood that panasonic sells all the goods and customer management server (big data) close connection, through the cloud, APP, commodity group and life line connection, based on the "health?The design concept of "taste" solves the problems of users and creates the lifestyle that consumers yearn for.Take matsushita light kitchen as an example. Matsushita put forward the concept of kitchen space service. Bao explained that matsushita wanted to provide users with a space that could easily cook delicious food and promote health and beauty.Of course, all this needs to be achieved through panasonic products IoT link.

It can be seen that the convenience and experience brought by intelligence to consumers are unprecedented. These new elements endow products with a higher level of development and progress.

In addition to intelligence, the noise problem of small household appliances has attracted the attention of most enterprises.

At present, mixing noise, wind noise and vibration noise are likely to be the main noise sources, wang yue, a leading research engineer at the central research institute of the United States, pointed out in a keynote speech titled "research on mixing noise of high-speed mixers".Therefore, noise reduction design scheme and product performance are mutually affected and restricted.At present, by optimizing the area of sawtooth blade surface, the sawtooth blade shaft can improve the noise.In the future, the company will further study noise reduction scheme through multiphase flow empty talk simulation.Feng jinming, director of dehumidifier development department of ningbo deye daily electric appliance technology co., LTD., Shared the exploration and innovation of silent energy saving technology of domestic dehumidifier.According to feng jinming, the company has developed a low noise, high static pressure coefficient of the strong forward centrifugal blade and low static pressure loss, small eddy current of the volute duct, so that the noise of the dehumidifier to the minimum, improve the whole machine noise value standard requirements, the noise index of the product is far higher than the national standard requirements.

Nowadays, small household appliance enterprises are constantly optimizing by using new materials and technologies.