• Hypoglycemic rice cooker
  • Hypoglycemic rice cooker
  • Hypoglycemic rice cooker

Hypoglycemic rice cooker

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Company: Shen Zhen XingHuaLong Technology CO., LTD.

Keywords: rice cooker      diabetes mellitus      Reducing sugar
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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Helps reduce sugar in rice
  • Good for human health
  • Help people with diabetes
  • The rice is delicious
  • Easy to operate

Product Details

It can reduce the sugar content of rice by at least 20% during cooking and has multiple cooking functions.It can help all kinds of people who are not suitable for eating sugar, reduce the sugar in rice when cooking.Is the general diabetes patients Gospel, effectively improves the diet habit, brings the people the healthy life.At the same time, we can also help customers develop some interesting new smart home appliances products.May a happy and healthy life be with you!Thank you!


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